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194X IMPO Portable Serial # 6508 194X IMPO Portable typewriter, Serial # 6508 Milan Berta's 194X IMPO Portable typewriter. 2021-06-15 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Milan Berta: 194X IMPO Portable Serial # 6508 Manufacturer Groitzscher Werkzeugfabrik Graf & Örtel.
Slovak keyboard.

194X IMPO Portable #6508

Status: My Collection
Hunter: Milan Berta (OSMSK)
Created: 05-04-2021 at 03:54PM
Last Edit: 06-15-2021 at 09:01AM


Manufacturer Groitzscher Werkzeugfabrik Graf & Örtel.
Slovak keyboard.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Milan Berta (OSMSK)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 9026

Historical typewriters, cameras, sewing machines, ... - all beautiful things, that work only on the basis of human skill and ability. Therefore, they deserve our attention and respect. I do not want to let those inventions that pushed us forward much faster than we were prepared, them disappear in this way.

Lives in Michalovce, Slovakia. Proud father of two children. Started collecting in March 2020. More a hunter than a collector or restorer. But determined to change it and bring the machines to a new life. Thank you in advance for any of your advice and help. (English is not my strong side, so I use Uncle Google's help. Correct me anytime).

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