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1934 Underwood F Serial # F796791 1934 Underwood F typewriter, Serial # F796791 Sarah VanAllen's 1934 Underwood F typewriter. 2021-01-14 From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Sarah VanAllen: 1934 Underwood F Serial # F796791 I am just beginning work on this machine and will write more when I know more about it.

1934 Underwood F #F796791

Status: My Collection
Created: 01-12-2021 at 06:55PM
Last Edit: 01-14-2021 at 12:18AM


I am just beginning work on this machine and will write more when I know more about it.

Typeface Specimen:

Hunter: Sarah VanAllen (TipTapTypewriterSFBay)

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Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Stuck indoors since March 2020, on pandemic furlough from my usual occupation, I've become a serious typewriter enthusiast. Once chained to a desk with a computer screen, micro-cassette tapes and a Dictafone by my side, I have become an analog devotee. I love typewriters.

My journey into typewriter hunting began in March 2020, and since acquiring my first machine, a Voss ST-24, I have now learned to recondition nearly 20 machines.

I keep careful records of each typewriter in a binder at home, collect typeface samples, photographs, and make journal entries. I love to read and now have many books on the subject. I hope to continually expand my knowledge through careful study and hands-on research. I love using typewriters in my daily life. I collect some, sell some, and have given some as gifts.

I have been inspired by others, including a famous actor, who have done the same.

In real life, at the computer keyboard, I type 100 words per minute, specializing in medical terminology for surgical pathology reports.

At home, using typewriter keyboards, I estimate my typing speed is closer to 65-80 wpm, with variable accuracy, and I am happy to be slowing down a little.

The deliberate process of writing on a typewriter has been good for my soul. Typewriting to journal has been a balm during these strange times. I hope to share my appreciation of typewriters with others and to meaningfully contribute to this wonderful database.

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